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Termite Hunting! to inspect for termites in your home.

Chikungunya re-emerging disease

Free  On-Site Inspection

Embedding underground station in the soil (IG) and in the concrete (IC) around the premises using Australian Eucalyptus timber as bait can cover all area of the premises. Not only that, to enhance the control system, “Focus” is added to create carbon dioxide to form a 2-meters radius surrounding the stations, which are embedded in every 4-meter around the premises, luring the termites to the bait inside the stations effectively creating a 24-hour perimeter preventing the termite from infecting the house in the long run.

Using Colony Destroying System is the safest way. Bait is placed inside the properly sealed stations which are embedded only in the required locations so it is safe for the household residence including the pets, and it is environmentally friendly

Quick and easy to install, and does not affect any structure of the building like the way it was done in the past. It is also very convenient to perform checking and follow-up without causing any disturbance in the household even during the service.

Termite station under CES system has currently been widely used. It is very effective to get rid of termite problem by destroying the whole termite colony thus the company is confident to provide a warranty up to THB 3,000,000 after installation.

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