Termite Hunting!

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Termite Hunting!

If you are wondering whether there might be termites infesting your home and you want to find out, but you don’t know where to begin. Today, we are here to help you!

1.    Start with the wooden structures that would be perfect food sources for the termites such as pillars, beams, wooden floor, door and winder frames, etc…especially the location of these structures which connect to the ground. Also you would want to check any wooden furniture, tree stumps, trees and plants around the house. These are all perfect food for termites.

2.    Check for any cracks in the foundation around the ground, under the stairs, the walls and corners where it is dark, quiet and damp.

3.    Inspect the drainage pipes which are usually covered with closed wall, these are places where termites prefer as their path into the building.

4.    Also check around the restrooms and kitchen, places where is always damp.

5.    Inspection should include storage areas, cupboards, book shelves or any areas that are poorly ventilated, dark, damp and quiet. Areas that things are stacked up without moving for a long time which would be good food source for termites.

6.    Areas around the beams and pipes inside the ceilings, behind the air condition compressor that is warm and damp which termites prefer to nest.

7.    Places that might leak like the roof or the rain gutters which provide optimum condition for termite infestation.

These are places that should be constantly inspected thoroughly to prevent termites to invade your home. If you are not able to perform the inspection yourself or you are not confident that you did a good job with the inspection….we can provide the inspection for free with our very experienced and capable, no string’s attached!

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