Moth or Mayfly – sign of dangerous termites infestation

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Moth or Mayfly – sign of dangerous termites infestation

If there are moths or mayfly flying around the house as if they are partying and playing the fire like the well-known expression, be careful! That maybe the very sign that our house might be infested with termites.

"Moths" are actually termites in reproducing stage. They fly out in large herd, couple up then lose their wings and go into the ground to nest. The queen termites will grow bigger and reproduce the new generation termites’ population expanding their areas of infestation damaging every wooden items in the house.

So…when there are moths or mayfly flying around, serious actions to prevent and control termite infestation must be taken immediately!

caste genocide By flying out of the nest into a large crowd to find a partner And when finding a suitable partner Have a crush on each other Moths will fly to the ground, salad, wings, follow each other to find a suitable place to build a nest. And the female moths will develop into a chubby termite queen in the future. Produce a new generation of termite populations, expand the locality in our home. Continue to destroy everything that is made with wood.

Therefore, if seeing moths hanging around the house, prevention should be taken to prevent the moths from entering our house immediately.

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