Design Principles That Help Reducing Termite Infestation Risk

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Design Principles That Help Reducing Termite Infestation Risk

Design Principles That Help Reducing Termite Infestation Risk

1. Design to elevate the building floor at least 3 feet above ground level to have good ventilation and allow easy inspection for termites.

2. Plumbing design should consider drainage system internally and externally as termites prefer to stay in moist damp places. Avoid having slopes around the building or filling the ground higher than the building which can cause water accumulating in some spots that will provide moist damp places for termites. Avoid having the plants which require watering close to the building causing the surrounding ground to accumulate moisture attracting termites (having plants close to the house also attracts mice!). Make sure that the rain gutters are not leaking.

3. There should be plenty of light and good ventilation. If the space that the elevated building foundation is covered with bricks for decoration, there should be good ventilation for the areas. Any places that are moist, damp, dark and have poor ventilation such as bathroom, toilet and kitchen are high risk areas for termite infestation.

4. Easy access for maintenance in all the rooms and areas should be consider for the design.

5. Select materials for construction which are termite resistant, especially the foundation of the building, poles and beams including parts that connect to the ground such as stairs, door frames or walls. Material used should be concrete or synthetic materials. Building wooden decorations should be made of hard wood such as teak wood, red wood, dry wood etc…

Very important final point! Once the designing is done, to reduce the chance of termite infestation, during pre-construction, make sure that preventive measures are put in place to effectively prevent termites.

Nowadays these are the most commonly used methods;

1.  Chemical piping system in the ground

2.  Pouring chemical liquid over the construction ground


The solutions can be selected according to suitability, convenience and budget. Prevention such as this should really be considered as you wouldn’t want termites to damage your beautiful home. Prevention is better than cure.

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