The selection of chemicals to eliminate termites.

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The selection of chemicals to eliminate termites.

There are 2 methods of popular termite extermination:

1. Use the dead bait system to lift the nest

2. Chemical system


Today we will introduce The selection of chemicals to eliminate termites.

But there are many groups of chemicals in the market So which chemicals are we going to use?


The first is that all chemicals to be used must have only FDA.

Second, determine the purpose of use Whether to use chemicals to "prevent" or "eliminate"

So how do these two different chemicals use and when do they need them?

We recommend as follows

1. The use of chemicals to prevent termites should choose to use. Repellent substances

Because termites can be eliminated and repelled in the area and prevent external termites from entering the sprayed area.

Commonly used in the pre-phase period between house construction Because can spray topsoil throughout the area Can prevent termites effectively. Including spraying with houses that have already been built in the event that no termites have been found. To focus on termites from outside to destroy the house.

Substances that have a very popular repellent effect is Synthetic pyrethroids because they are effective in getting rid of insects. Safe to use Very low toxic to mammals and humans.


2. The use of chemicals to eliminate termites should be used. Non-repellent substances

In case of termite problems found in the house Recommend the use of substances that do not have an expulsion effect Because it will not cause other termites that don't get exposed to chemicals at first Escape from the area to find food sources in other areas of the house instead (expanding the damage area) but will remain in the same area that has been sprayed with chemicals And receiving chemicals Including passing on each other through touch and eventual death Which has a better chance of eliminating the nest

Substances that do not have an effective repellent. Currently used is Chloronicotinyls and phenylpyrazoles are absorbed substances. High efficiency Active from touch and eat


The use of chemicals to eliminate insects of all kinds must read the instructions. Careful precautions Or consult an expert before every use

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