Pest Control & Protection Services : Ants

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Pest Control & Protection Services : Ants

        Ants : The cause of annoyance

          Ants are actually a dangerous creature that can destroy everything because of their large group that feed on anything and everything. There are many types of ants, some of which are Black House Ant, Ghost Ants, Red Ants, Fire Ant, Odorous House Ants, Pharaoh's, etc.

           Ants can cause a lot of nuisance to human from newborn babies to adults. Some species of the ant’s bites are toxic and can cause swelling, itchy rash which can be harmful to the body. Ants’ foods are just like human’s foods as ants eat anything that people eat.

           They can get inside the building through thresholds or windows or cracks in the walls or stow away in furniture such as wardrobes or tables or in food, especially with fruits. Moreover, ants are the main cause of spreading different types of aphids.


          Damages & Problem : Ants

          Biting is the way ants find food. They will bite anything in their path, even clothing, they bite everything regardless whether the items they bite being food or not. Ant’s bites cause burning sting. Other type of ants, namely, Ghost Ants cause damage to food by getting inside food container and cause contamination which can lead to diseases.




          Prevention & Solution : Ants

          1.    Colony Elimination System – using baits that can wipe out the whole colony

          2.    Residue Chemical Spraying – spray chemical that leaves residue

          3.    Regular Inspection System – inspect to eliminate problem areas


           Standard Services : Ants

         Inspect all areas thoroughly to assess the problems before providing service. Spray chemical all over the premises inside and outside concentrate on the areas where ants are found, their food sources, water sources, and the lawn around the building.

         Sprinkle chemical powder in the areas where the water spray is not suitable such as the electrical panel boards, air-conditioning units, in any cracks, dusty areas or leave baits station where sprinkling chemical is not suitable such as infant room. 

          Inspecting / monitoring continuously

          Request for client’s sanitation cooperation, maintain the cleanliness of the premises to reduce the factors impacting the spreading of ants, in particular, getting rid of ants’ food source, left-over food, garbage, hiding places in cluttering unused items that should be organized and cleaned out. Water source is also another main factor. Ants can’t live without water so places inside leaking pipes, air-condition unit pipes, damp floors or places where there is water.

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