Pest Control & Protection Services : Rodents

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Pest Control & Protection Services : Rodents

          Rodents : are disease carriers and one of the major cause property damage

          Due to their physical characteristic, rodents have to keep biting things as their teeth keep growing, without biting to stop their teeth from growing, it can kill them. So feeding is not the only reason for rodents biting things, but rather more to stop the teeth from growing too long.



          Damage & Problems : Rodents
          As revealed by many surveys, businesses losing millions of baht to damages caused by rodents each year, including fires that were caused by rodents biting electrical wirings or diseases which were carried by rodents such as leptospirosis or plague. Rodents urinate often while feeding so they dirty and contaminate food or utensils or any items which they crawl over.


          Prevention & Solutions : Rodents

          1.     Baiting / Trapping / Sticky Board / Fumigation

          2.     Proper Stacking / Biological Control – control by blocking entry points / Pathogens and

                 predatory animals are the main agents used for the biological control of rodents.

          3.     Environmental Control - sanitizing the surrounding environments


          Standard Services : Rodents

          Inspect all areas thoroughly to assess the problems before providing service, look for evidence of

          rodent’s presence such as holes in the walls, nests, traveling path, rodent’s droppings, bite marks            or smear marks.

          Leave rodent fast effect or slow effect baits using wax block tor grain mized as appropriate.

          Leave glue board or sticky board around the areas where toxic baits are not suitable.

          Leave different types of traps (lived trap / snap trap) as seen fit.

          Inspecting / monitoring continuously.

          Provide information on how to get rid of rodents, preventing them entering the premises

          (Exclusion), eliminating rodent’s hiding places by sorting and storing items properly, reducing       

          rodent’s food source by cleaning up, storing food properly and regularly disposing of  garbage.

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