Pest Control & Protection Services (Post-Construction)

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Pest Control & Protection Services (Post-Construction)

Termites :  Dangerous enermy of the household

                Termites are a social insect nesting in dark and damp area. Termites like to feed on fiber in the wood they nest. The termite queen lays a large number of eggs each time, and can live for more than 25 years. According to researches, termites which cause damages; 

                Subterranean Termites are the most common types found, and they do the most damages to the households. Because termites need to feed, they will slowly feed on the wood from inside thus gradually causing the damage to the premises.  Termites also require moisture from the soil.

                1.    Termites mainly feed on wood or anything that contains cellulose which is digested by
                      the protozoa inside the termites.

                2.    Moisture; termites and other insect needs moisture to constantly maintain water inside
                      their body. Dry wood termites will completely cover the nest’s entrance when there is
                      low humidity outside; the subterranean termites maintain optimum atmosphere inside
                      their nest or their path by building the nest in damp soil and they crawl back and forth
                      over the damp soil many times a day as their way of bringing the moisture into their

Thailand is situated in the monsoon zone which is very suitable for subterranean termites; there have been many findings about termite problems in all the regions all over Thailand. Termite damages are different depending on the type of structures, similar affect would be for similar structure. They create underground tunnels in different directions to find food, sometime at great distance. When there is any obstruction, they would find their way around that obstruction until they get to their food. When termites can get inside the premises, they will go to their wooden food sources such as doors, windows, ceilings, and they can also be found in area with fabric.

Damages & Problems  :  Termite

                Even if the ground of your whole house is covered with concrete, the subterranean termites can still get in to do the damage through a crack smaller than 0.01mm!

                Prevention & Solutions :   Termite

               1.    Pre-Construction

                    1.1  Soil Treatment – apply chemical solution or powder covering the construction ground

                    1.2 Piping System – install pipe irrigations for the chemical spray under the building

                    1.3       Baiting System – install bait stations                 


              2.    Post-Construction

                    2.1 Sub-soil Treatment – drill and apply chemical solution over the building ground

                   2.2. Regular Inspection System – regularly inspect and apply chemical powder


                Standard Services :  Termite

                Inspect all areas thoroughly to assess the problems before providing service. Apply chemical in the problem areas to eliminate the spreading of termites, around their path, door frames, windows storages, under the stairs, the areas near the toilets, and ceilings, etc.
               Inspect wooden items around problem areas; book cases or old wardrobes; check for evidence such as cavities or holes which indicates presence of termites each time when servicing the client.
               Request for cooperation not to store items, especially items made of wood or wardrobes, too close to the wall because it would be more difficult to inspect the areas.

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