Pest Control & Protection Services (pre-construction)

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Pest Control & Protection Services (pre-construction)



            In the past, chemicals used for pest control were aiming form long lasting effect overlooking the toxicity seeping into the soil and water bodies which is harmful to the environment and its eco systems and food sources. Since some chemicals can be very harmful to the environment, and the living standard therefore, nowadays, chemicals used are fast action and more effective to the pest but without the long lasting residue so they are more environmental friendly, and are widely used. Restriction had been enforced on production of chemicals which are harmful to the environment.


Temproof Piping System Standards

1.    Using only FDA approved chemicals

2.    Ensuring the correct procedure and pressure used upon refilling the chemical

3.    Pipes and other equipment used are in accordance to the industrial standard


Termproof Piping System Installation Standards

1.    Install the pipes along the inner beam.

2.    Installing the nozzle at a distance of 50 cm or more for the better chemical distribution coverage.      Nozzle size = 2 ± 0.10 mm, 180 degree distribution

3.    For one way injection, install 1 injection head per pipe length not exceeding 20 meters. For two-way injection, install 2 injection heads per pipe length from 20-45 meters

4.    Use pressure “High Pressure Pump” 15,25 and 35 psi (pounds per square inch)


Termproof Piping System Installation Standards with the nozzle attached to the beam


A grade PE pipes made from High Density Polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene

size 20 mm (average external diameter 20 + 0.4 mm, thickness 1.0 + 0.3 mm)

Straight joint – black solid PE

Material: LDPE       Size: 20mm

90 degree angle joint – black solid PE

Material: LDPE       Size: 20mm

3-irectional 90 degree joint – black slid PE

Material: LDPE       Size: 20mm

Pipe fastening clips – black solid PE

Material: LDPE       Size: 20mm

Valve (spraying nozzles) – mini spray with 180 degree distribution (inside hole diameter 20-0.4)


LDPE Properties


High density material used weighs about 1 in 5 times of steel pipes and weighs 2 in 3 times of PVC pipes only

High tolerance to sunlight as the material has anti UV so it is not easily brittle

Flexible so it is easily bended to suit the actual area which also preventing from damage due to soil subsidence

Resistant to chemicals, neutral property to chemical, resistant to acid and alkali. No weathering and rusting with less friction in the pipe

Termproof Piping System Installation Project

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