How To Prevent Fleas & Ticks

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How To Prevent Fleas & Ticks

Household with pets may also come with fleas & tick problems.

Here’s how to prevent fleas & ticks;

Fleas and ticks are considered as malignant parasite for pets because fleas and ticks are carriers of diseases such as anemia and parasites, as well as skin allergies. Inspection for fleas and ticks on our pets should be regularly performed to prevent them for being infested.


1.    Clean the house and the areas where our pets stay

Cleaning the house, sofas, beds, furniture, rugs and the areas where our pets stay regularly helps eliminate fleas and ticks habitats. Vacuum cleaning is better as the eggs of fleas and ticks are much smaller than the fleas and ticks using the broom might not get them all.

2.    Bath

Bathing our pets is a good and easy means of prevention (but bathing our pets is not an easy thing at all), use flea and tick shampoo is also a good prevention.

3.    Use Tick & Flea Protective Drops

Another way that works very well as well, the drops can be used as protecting and getting rid of fleas and ticks

4.    Avoid Pets Getting Out

Even though we could control and protect our pets from fleas and ticks inside the house, outside element is uncontrollable so try to avoid letting our pets outside. Check and clean the pets when they come back from outside.

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