"Rove beetles" danger near you

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a small insect It is about 7-8 millimeters in length with a black head and body with black and orange segments. buttocks up Often found during the rainy season by swarming with light bulbs in the house and falling to the floor

Rove beetles have a toxin in them, Pederin, which has an acidic nature that causes irritation. When contact with the skin, it causes a rash or blisters. red burnt skin Burning pain, fever, and if poisoned around the eyes It can lead to blindness!

how to prevent
Windows and doors should be tightly closed. Because this type of insect likes to play with lights at night. and check the bed area Always keep the clothes free of insects.
If rove insects are found, do not touch them by brushing, slapping, crushing, blowing is strictly prohibited. Flick off when hit. Or use paper or cloth to throw away in a plastic bag and tie your mouth tightly before discarding.

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