Signs Indicating “Termite Infestation

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Signs Indicating “Termite Infestation

If you are looking for a way to check whether there is termite infestation or worried that there might be some trace of termites infestation.

These are the signs that can be used as indications of termite infestation;

1.    Termite tracks in the soil
Termites are sensitive to light so they dig some kind of tunnel through their path and that is one of signs that you might have termite problems.

2. Floor, walls or wooden furniture with bulges or cracks that easily falls apart by a slight tapping. Termites feed from the inside, leave the outer shell like a thin film that appears bubbly, uneven surface that easily falls apart when tapped as the inside was eaten.

3. Moths Found
This may be the point of origin of the infestation because actually "moths" are termites during breeding stage of their cycle. They fly out of the nest in large groups to mate then shake off their wings and go into the ground establish their nest in the suitable location producing a new generation of termite population that then keep on feeding everything and anything in sight.

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