Why Choose Bait Station System?

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Why Choose Bait Station System?

Nowadays, there are many different ways deal with termite problems. A very effective, safe and the most popular way at the moment is bait station system (CES).

How does it work? Why it is chosen? Here are the key features;

1. Safety
The underground embedded bait station system (CES) contains a very safe chemical bait, the container is completely sealed to prevent contamination and the bait stations are embedded underground in the locations where deem necessary thus makes the bait station system very safe for the health and hygiene of the residents and pets. The bait station system is also environment friendly.

2. Effective Protection 24-7
Bait station in the soil (IG) and bait station in the concrete (IC) are embedded in the ground, 4 meters apart, forms a perimeter around the house. Australian eucalyptus wood, which has the highest cellulose content that makes it the most favorite wood for termites, is used as bait with “Focus” added to the mix creating CO2 covering 2 meters radius that attracts termites to the bait station hence effectively creates a line of defense against termites from ever reaching the house 24-7.

3. Efficiency
Chlorofluazuron inside the baits is highly effective in exterminating many different species of underground termites, such as;

Coptotermes, Schedorhinotermes, Heterotermes, Nasuitermes, Microtermes, Microcerotermes, Porotermes Adamsohi Reticulotermes, Globitermes, Hypotermes, Bulbitermes Prabhae

Therefore, you can be certain that the termites that feed from the bait stations will be eliminated, and this is a continuous protection that can get rid of the termite population of the whole nest.

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