"Dangerous Insects & Animals That Come With The Rainy Season"

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"Dangerous Insects & Animals That Come With The Rainy Season"

During the rainy season, aside from being frustrated with terrible traffic jams when we are out and about, we must also be careful with the diseases that often comes with the rainy season, which range from not so serious to deadly diseases.

That’s not enough! There are dangerous insects and animals that also come with the rainy season;

1. Snake

One of the most dangerous animals that more commonly appears during the rainy season. Continuous rain may flood snake’s lairs causing the snakes to escape from the water and appear in various places including our home as well. Snake can be deadly. If you were bitten by a snake, call 1669 immediately.


2. Scorpion

A poisonous animal with two large front pincers and a curved large claw-liked tail stinger. The scorpion’ venom is very poisonous, if stung, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water then use ice compress for pain relief as well as slowing down the spreading of the venom, proceed to see a doctor urgently.


3. spiders

Most spiders in our homes are usually non-venomous and do not cause serious harm if bitten, maybe only slight irritations such as swelling, itchy rashes or burning sensation. However, there are very dangerous poisonous spiders such as the Black widow or Brown Widow whose venom can cause serious blood clot or abnormal of organs functions


4. Ants

One of the insects that are often seen when it rains. Ants evacuate into our home often causes damages and nuisance annoyance for the residents.


5. Cockroaches

We may have seen the horrifying, disgusting creepy cockroaches escaping the water flooding from the rain climbing up through the sewages and walls all over the places. Even though, cockroaches are non-poisonous insects, but they are harmful to us from their dirty pathogens that can cause gastrointestinal and parasitic diseases.


6. Mice

Aside from being mice’s shelter from the rain, there are a lot of mice’s favorite foods in our house which attracts them to stay. Not only spoiling our food, mice also damage electrical wirings, electrical appliances and equipment which can cause serious incidents such as fire due to electrical short circuit. They should not be allowed to reside in our home.


7. Centipede

Another horrific terrifying poisonous creature which comes with the rain that we must be very careful walking around in the rain and flooded areas. The centipede’ venom is very toxic, a person bitten will experience pain, inflammation, redness, numbness and in severe allergic cases, symptoms can be vomiting, headache, paralysis around the bitten area and it can escalate to heart failure.


8. Mosquitoes

Mosquito population spikes the highest during rainy season thus increasing the risk of contracting diseases which are mosquito-borne such as dengue fever, malaria, encephalitis, elephantiasis that can be prevented by eliminating mosquito’s breeding sites using of larvicides,  chemicals designed to be applied directly to water to control mosquito larvae


Above are some of dangerous insects and animals that come with the rainy season. We must be vigilant and take preventative measures for the health and safety of everyone in the house.

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